Community's Contribution

During the past 21 years, SSI has allocated VND 100 billion to community service. Initiation, sponsor, and contribution to charitable works were of practical

Community's Contribution

During the past 21 years, SSI has allocated VND 100 billion to community service. Initiation, sponsor, and contribution to charitable works were of practical significance and focused on sustainable activities which made long-lasting impacts on the social development of many cities, provinces, and localities in Vietnam. From 2006 to 2019, approximately 57% of the allocated budget was spent on sponsoring education development, specifically, building schools, supporting poor students overcoming their difficulties, sponsoring scholarships, giving free bicycles, the company took the initiative in activities to support people in their production and business such as giving them cows and pigs, giving fishermen navigational instruments.


Investment in education development

With the mission “We strive to better the communities in which we work”, SSI has been maintaining a harmony in the interests of shareholders, customers, and the community. SSI has proactively developed intellectual and physical education programs for young generations and joined the community in building a better society.

School building projects

Since 2007, SSI has built 10 schools in the Northern region to assist with the development education therein. The school are all located in key areas to which students have better access.

On a yearly basis, SSI visits the schools and provides timely funds for expansion so that continued schooling can be provided for the country’s future generations.

In the case of Bac Ha Lower and Upper Secondary High Boarding School for Ethnic Minorities alone, after launching in 2010, the number of students at the school has increased and stabilized, thus making continued contributions to education development.Since the opening of Bac Ha Boarding Secondary & High School for ethnic minority students in 2010, the number of students gradually increased, which greatly contributed to education development at the locality, especially for ethnic students who had many difficulties and lacked education facilities.

Since its foundation, Bac Ha Boarding Secondary & High School for ethnic minority students have undertaken the educational mission to become the second home for ethnic minority students in Lao Cai province where they could live and attend Secondary & High School education. Many students of ethnic groups ̣̣(Dao, Giay, Hmong, La Chi, Nung, Phu La, Tay, Thai, Bo Y) completed school curricula, the number of students was equally in all grades, many of them succeeded in getting into universities, colleges, technical schools, and vocational colleges, a number of students participated in work-study programs at the locality. This not only opened the door to the future for these students but was also the initial step to develop well-trained human resources for the locality.
Fostering and attracting talents

The company understands that social development could not be accomplished without educational development, and prioritizing education was essential for economic development. In the past years, SSI has worked with NDH Scholarship Foundation to award scholarships to poor students with high academic results to foster and incubate these talents and give them opportunities to attend schools. In the past 4 years, SSI has sponsored VND 1.3 billion for students of 6 large universities in Hanoi so that those students would be stress-free to continue their studies and contribute their knowledge to the social development, moreover, they would do the same for other disadvantaged students in the future to spread kindness among future generations.

With the guiding principle of putting priority to succeeding generations of the country especially young employees who were professionally trained at domestic and foreign educational institutions, SSI allocated budget to sponsor competitions for universities students and also facilitated universities in Hanoi, Hai Phong, and Ho Chi Minh City to apply iWin, a virtual trading application designed to mimic the transactions of underlying securities and derivatives, into finance and securities courses. The company actively worked with the Fund for Vietnamese Young Talents to help young talents to participate in the cause of building and defending the country, to discover, encourage and support gifted youngsters, who faced difficult circumstances, in particular, to mobilize human resources in many fields.

In addition, in the past years, SSI and the Vietnamese Youth and Students Association in the United States organized many career orientation activities and provided support to develop students’ business ideas that could be put into practice. The company gave annual sponsorships for VietChallenge Competition to incubate and foster start-up companies that had breakthrough ideas and competitive advantages, contributing to addressing challenges and issues in Vietnam and global economies. From 2015 to 2020, SSI sponsored the “American Arms” program – annual career orientation conferences held by the Vietnamese Youth andStudents Association in the United States. The company not only sponsored money for students to organize conferences but also assigned senior leaders to participate in talk shows to share about career orientation so that the young generation could have a better idea to choose their suitable career paths.

Those activities showed SSI’s responsibility to uplift young businesses, and also directly responded to the call of the Government to make Vietnam a start-up nation. Taking steady steps, the company would continue providing support and developing investment plans, and building a startup ecosystem in Vietnam.

Education support for disadvantaged areas

SSI prioritizes the education development in disadvantaged areas. Especially schools in mountainous areas of the North of Vietnam where people lived in unfavorable geographical locations and harsh weather, SSI adopted practical solutions to help students and teachers overcome difficulties in academic activities and social life by giving warm clothes, blankets, food for students and teachers of Semi-Boarding High School in Duong Huu Commune, Son Dong district, Bac Giang province; sponsoring money to build a canteen for Gia Phu 5 Semi-Boarding Primary School in Nam Tra Hamlet, Gia Phu Commune, Bao Thang District, LaoCai Province.

During the past years, SSI often accompanied with the Public Security News to donate bikes to children in remote areas, students from many ethnic minority groups and poor studious students across the country. Due to the poor living and studying conditions, many students have to walk more than ten kilometers to make the dream of studying come true. Understanding those difficulties, particularly in 2019, SSI sponsored VND 950 million, the total value up to VND 2.1 billion from 2017, it means that more than 1,100 children have received bikes, making their knowledge journey more convenient.
Prevention of natural disaster

Vietnam has complex and diverse terrain features running from North to South, from East to West, stretching along the continental shelf of the East Sea, so it is prone to natural disasters. Activities to prevent and address consequences of natural disasters are always priorities of the Party and Government in the development process of the country.

Understanding the importance of natural disaster prevention, SSI always takes the lead in provision of funding to natural disaster prevention activities in many provinces across the country. A prominent project initiated by SSI is the Support program to safe housing to prevent natural disasters and equipment financing for the Office of the Steering Committee for Disaster Prevention, Search and Rescue in 9 Central Coast provinces.

SSI-funded programs are practical support to these provinces, promptly supporting local people and government to mitigate impacts of natural disasters.

Join hands to Defeat Covid-19 pandemic
During the Covid-19 pandemic, SSI has promptly joined forces with the whole country to overcome the challenges in engaging the pandemic; with an united strength, a firm manner to side by side supporting the Government’s pandemic prevention. Tens of billions VND worth in forms of cash, food, essential medical supplies, etc. have been promptly transferred by SSI to places where needed to support the right people at the right time. With huge pressures that strain many local healthcare systems when the number of cases increase every day, Company has quickly donated many important medical equipment such as system of two real-time RT-PCR Covid-19 testing machines, ECMO machine systems, functional ventilators capacity and thousands of diagnostic kits, test trays for qualitative detection of Sars CoV-2 antigens as well as thousands of standard N95 masks and other essential supplies to support the medical teams of many hospitals across the country to access and tend to patients ‘needs as well as prevent overburdening of healthcare workers. In addition to actively supporting the healthcare sector, SSI also pays a lot of attention to social security activities such as supporting workers, and disadvantaged people who were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic through different charity programs such free meals, hundreds of tons of rice for those needed in many provinces.
Poverty alleviation, join hands to overcome adversity

Specializing in the financial industry, SSI always wants to help people broaden their knowledge, improve working conditions, and increase production activities. Therefore, in many years, poverty alleviation has been one of the top priorities of SSI. SSI chooses to invest in poverty alleviation projects which brought about sustainable values and helped train human resources for economic development at the localities, some notable projects are as follows: SSI invested VND 5.3 billion and constructed concrete roads in hamlets of My Hanh Nam commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An province, and helped the commune fulfill one of the important criteria of new rural development program (2017 – 2020); gave 3300 sows raised for breeding for 9 border districts in Cao Bang province to help local families achieve economic stability (2018).

SSI donated young sows to poor households in Cao Bang province

Medical sponsorships are carried through many years. Recent years, SSI gifted medical examination and treatment equipments to several hospitals such as National Hospital of Pediatrics, Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital, also gave supports and covered expenses for medical examination and treatment, meals and transportations for patients at Da Nang Oncology Hospital; at the same time, supported some patients through charity funds of some newspapers and hospitals.

SSI always focus on community development projects in areas that were severely influenced by natural disasters and the pandemic. In addition to the above-mentioned poverty alleviation and natural disaster recovery activities, SSI also gave special priority to children with disadvantaged backgrounds. Every year, SSI works with Binh An Center, a member of Friends For Street Children Association (FFSC), to give presents and hold Mid-Autumn Festivalparties for underprivileged children in Ho Chi Minh City.